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ELISA kit development Service

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is an immunological technique that can
detect a very small amount of target in a short time using a specific antibody.


  • Diagnostic Kit
    • - Simplified kit to obtain accurate and quick results by using immunochemical diagnosis
      method based on antibody antigen reaction which is the representative method for diagnosis.
  • Content analysis during the development of GM food
    • - In order to confirm the content of additives added during the process of GM food development
      or to confirm the content of GM food, it is necessary to use the antigen-antibody reaction to
      quickly and accurately measure a large amount of samples. In addition to experimental evidence,
      And how much is analyzed by the amount of immunological antigen-antibody reaction
  • Analysis of the content of the host cell protein (HCP) derived from the cell line
    • - HCP left unremoved during the manufacturing process of protein drug production leads to decrease of the efficacy of the therapeutic agent or side effects.
      Therefore, a method for efficiently removing HCP and confirming the residual amount
  • Anti-Drug Antibody Analysis
    • - Unwanted immune responses induced by biological or biotechnological medicines can have a profound effect on the stability and efficacy of the drug.
      Accurate detection and analysis of ADA is very important for the development of biologics
    • - ADA formation of protein drugs such as therapeutic antibodies and growth factors may be a representative example and a method for precisely analyzing the production of ADA
  • PK (Pharmacokinetics) analysis
    • - Methods for measuring the content of analysis in samples during nonclinical and clinical trials
    • - Method for analyzing the half-life of a drug in single or repeated dosing

ELISA kit type

  • Direct ELISA kit
    • - The most simple method is to adsorb the antigen on a plate and to identify the antibody directly using an antibody attached to the substrate
  • Indirect ELISA kit
    • - Similar to direct ELISA kit method, it reacts with substrate through secondary antibody without adding substance reacting with substrate, so it is easy to confirm antigen antibody reaction and does not attach substance reacting with substrate to antibody Therefore, it is easy to analyze various antibodies
  • Sandwich ELISA kit
    • - a method that is widely used for research or diagnostic purposes in a highly efficient manner for the detection of trace amounts of antigens contained in the sample
    • - Two antibodies are needed to form a pair of capture and detector antibodies
    • - Very sensitive compared to other ELISA kits
  • Bridge type ELISA kit
    • - Recently, it is easy to accurately measure various iso-type antibodies binding to antigen by the method used in ADA assay etc.
  • Competitive ELISA kit
    • - Antigen-Antibody reaction by comparing sample antigens and measuring antigens competitively with antibody. This method can be used when confirming neutralizing ability or because antigen size is small and sandwich method is difficult.


  • Experiment progress data transmission and 1: 1 customized consultation service
  • Provides total solution from standard protein production to ELISA kit development
  • High quality antibody design and production based on experience of various antibody production
  • ELISA kit quality assurance through thorough verification

Customer Preparation

  • Standard protein (with protein)
    • - Required amount: 2mg (recommended)
    • - Concentration: 1.0 mg / ml or higher (recommended)
  • Standard protein sequence (without protein)
    • - Possible to link gene synthesis service with protein expression and purification service
  • Antibody
    • - 2 or more basic antibodies
    • - Antibody 5 mg each
  • For HCP
    • - Cell lysate or purified HCP as standard protein after transfection of Mock Vector
    • - Polyclonal antibody production service should be linked.
    • - Standard protein estimated amount required: 20-100 mg

Service Flow