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Molecular biology

Molecular biology

Gene synthesis service of the AbClon maximizes the efficiency with a gene synthesis and cloning design based on
the know-how of the antigen and antibody production for many years. Using Genscript 's 150 expression vectors, if
you let us know the amino acid sequence and the purpose of gene synthesis, we will insert the synthesized gene
into the expression vector. Genscript's OptimumGene ™ codon optimization technology increases protein expres-
sion in a variety of hosts. We have over 600,000 gene synthesis projects to ensure 100% gene sequence accuracy.
  • · Codon optimization: Genscript's OptimumGene ™ provides free services that can increase protein expression in all kinds of hosts
  • · Various expression vectors: cloning vector to expression vector without additional purchase
  • · Sequence assurance: Gene-on-Demand® gene synthesis service ensures 100% sequencing even if gene sequence is long
  • · One-stop solution: The customer for immediate use cloned vector without any further manipulation after gene synthesis.
  • · Guarantee high quality through consultation
  • · Easy access to antibody production: Service linkage from protein production to antibody production
  • · Provide expression vector after gene synthesis

OptimumGeneTM Codon Optimization
  • Using OptimumGene algorithm
  • Up to 100-fold increase in protein expression level
  • Multiple data retention for optimization of all hosts

Vector List

ORF cDNA Clone Service

The GenEZ TM ORF cDNA clone eliminates the cloning hassles. The ORF cDNA clone contains a Tag for protein detection and purification and is provided with the gene for the target protein inserted so that it can be directly experimented for expression. The ORF cDNA database contains more than 2 million cDNA clones and the ORF cDNA clone has been 100% sequence guarantee.

GenEZTM ORF clone

largest ORF database in the world
· > 2 million ORF’s from 186 species
· > 40,000 ORF’s in -stock


  • · Various expression vectors: cloning vector to expression vector without additional purchase
  • · Sequence guarantee: 100% sequence-free (mutation-free)

Cloning Service

Regardless of template, target gene is cloned into desired vector.